Amiga Floppy Emulator

Thanks to Hervé Messinger its now possible to use a commercial USB Floppy Emulator to run load amiga games from usb stick.

amiga gotek floppy emulator install

Amiga gotek floppy emulator

The Gotek Floppy Emulator is a low cost floppy replacement that allows floppy images to be stored on a USB storage device and the floppy number can be allocated to each image a 3 digit LED readout is used along with two buttons for “UP” and “DOWN” to select the floppy image from 001 upto 999.

With Hervé Messingers cortex firmware you can reprogram the drives firmware to work with commodore Amigas.

One the Drive is flashed you then just need to put your .ADF files onto your usb drive and make sure that a file SELECTOR.ADF available in the firmware .zip download (Link to the download website provided below) is copied to the root of your usb drive.

Cortex Floppy Emulator Website

The Gotek emulator automatically loads the disk image SELECTOR.ADF at floppy position 000

The SELECTOR.ADF menu system needs to be loaded first to put your .ADF images in a numbered order eg 001,002,003 etc

Then once your selection is saved, you simply select the disk image number by using the “UP” or “DOWN” buttons on the gotek.

Gotek Modifications
I have modified one of my Amiga 500’s so that the LED display from the Gotek is now installed above the keyboard, I also use a very small Sandisk Cruzer Fit USB Flash drive as they are really small and dont protrude out of the side making the install mutch neater.

Shown below is my modified A500 showing floppy image 7 selected on the gotek.

floppy emulator mod

Amiga floppy emulator mod

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