CD32 PC Keyboard Adapter

The Amiga CD32 pc Keyboard Adapter!

No Drivers are Required just plug in the interface between your CD32/A4000 and connect a PS2 Keyboard

Allows the use of any standard PS2 keyboard with the CD32 Console and the Amiga A4000 computer.

Ideal for CD32 games and software that require a keyboard and to a great solution to replace the rare official keyboard for the Amiga A4000 computer system.

Support Amiga Reset – Using CTRL + Left Windows Key + Right Windows Key

Available Now from my eBay Shop!

The Updated Shorter V2 adapter with PS2 Socket

a4000 keyboard adapter

Connect Any PC Keyboard to your CD32 or A4000 –¬†Buy Now from the “Ebay Shop” Link Above!

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