Sinclair Spectrum

Yes Sir Clive Sinclair’s masterpiece, and the only thing I wanted for Christmas in 1983 🙂

48k sinclair spectrum

48k sinclair spectrum

On this page will appear some hardware mods and accessories that are in the pipeline for the Speccy, THE British Micro of the 1980’s

Spectrum +2 Power Supply
The Sinclair Spectrum +2 grey model requires a 9 Volt 2 Amp supply with the centre pin Negative, the black model uses a different din style adapter with 2 voltages.

Sinclair +2 Black Model Ear Sound Input Mod!

The black model Sinclair ZX Spectrum can be modified to add an EAR sound input, this can be a handy way to load games by playing audio directly into the spectrum from your PC sound output or even an Mp3 Player!

The mod is simple and only needs 2 wires connecting, just use a low power soldering iron and a small amount of solder.

Firstly the ground wire is soldered to the left side of the First Resistor directly under the Reset Button, shown in the photo below.

zx spectrum ear input mod ground connection +2

zx spectrum ear input mod ground connection +2

Then the audio input connection is made to the left negative side of the electrolytic capacitor named C200 on the spectrum +2 circuit board shown again below.

sinclair spectrum +2 ear mod audio input connection

sinclair spectrum +2 ear mod audio input connection

Now you can just connect the end of the wires to a 3.5mm jack plug shown in the diagram below.

3.5mm jack pinout

Ground from the resistor goes to Ground on the Jack and the Right Side Audio input to the negative side of capacitor marked C200.

Now you can use a utility like K7zx “Download Link Below” to Playback the audio of .TZX or .TAP images from your PC, I found that standard slow mode works best with my PC volume set between 55 and 60%.

Download K7zx

You can convert .TZX or .TAP images into MP3 format and load them from your iPod, MP3 Player or Mobile Phone by playing back the audio track! 🙂

This method is mutch more reliable than using 30 year old tapes.

You can also get Apps to play .TZX files into audio from your phones Headphone Socket

The Android App is called TeeZiX and is available from the Play Store link below.
Download TeeZix

The iPhone / iPad App is called Speccy Tape and is available from the App Store link below.
Download Speccy Tape

Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 GREY Case Audio Input Mod

The mod can also be added to the Grey Spectrum +2 by wiring a 3.5mm audio jack to the tape deck PCB, as shown in the photo below.zx spectrum +2 grey audio input mod

The white wire carries the audio signal from the middle ring of the jack plug.

The black wire is the Ground connection to the shield of the jack plug, the tip is NOT connected.

Turbo Load Spectrum Games!

Using software like OTLA games can be loaded very quickly (games can be loaded in seconds rather than minutes) from a mobile phone or MP3 player.

Download OTLA

OTLA Home Page

A New ZX Spectrum for 2015! – The ZX Vega

Spectrum Vega

Spectrum Vega

For the latest in spectrum hardware why not get a Spectrum Vega, it comes pre loaded with 1000 classic games that loads instantly and is fully endorsed by Sir Clive Himself.

Available now at £100 + postage manufactured in the UK buy direct from retro computers, website link below.


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