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Welcome to an online shop for retro computer cables and accessories for vintage computer systems from Commodore and Atari and maybe more in the future. Available NOW! Amiga USB Mouse Adapters, Amiga RGB Scart TV Cables and Atari ST USB Mouse Adapters Compact Mouse Adapter Demonstation Video Compact adapter protrudes from Amiga by only 4.5cm same length as a AAA Battery

amiga mouse adapter

Amiga USB mouse adapter

Amiga 500 PS2 Keyboard Adapter

Amiga ps2 keyboard interface

amiga ps2 keyboard adapter

Use a standard PC PS2 keyboard on Amiga 500 or A500+ Installation is easy, remove the built in keyboard connector and push on the connector from the interface. To route the cable you can bend over a small piece of shielding below the floppy drive, you can also use cable tie to attach the interface cable to the floppy disk mount as shown below, this ensures the cable will not move if pulled.

amiga pc keyboard adapter

This is the Amga 500 PS2 keyboard adapter connected to the internal keyboard pin header, notice pin 1, the first pin on the left is the BROWN wire.




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